the tricks abby makes the girls do when ever they have a ‘special’ part during a group dance

Chloe: Turns, turns and more turns or a straddle jump

Maddie: some kind of leap

Paige: That awkward leg holding thing she does

Kendall: a side aerial

Kenzie: Back handspring into a backtuck

Brooke: some contortion trick that does not match the dance at all

Nia: deathdrop



Dedicated to Abby Lee Miller

What Abby is doing to these girls is wrong and it is bullying. To all the people saying “oh she really cares about them, she wants them to succeed” I think the only thing she cares about is a first place trophy. I don’t think she cares about these girls she cares about the win. If she did truly cared about them she wouldn’t say the horrid things she’s said. Even if she’s prompted by producers these girls are crying real tears and what she says really hurts them.  The woman has insulted their intelligence on too many occasions,  she verbally abuses them, and she constantly tells them their not good enough. These kids are having panic attacks & problems with confidence due to Abby’s actions. I just hope these girls overcome this and thrive.